Word 97 Module 1


Changing Your Computer to Australian English
Setting 1: Regional Settings in the Control Panel
Setting 2: Keyboard Settings in the Control Panel
Setting 3: Languages in Word97

The Word Screen
Page View buttons
Minimise, Maximise/Restore and Close buttons

Creating A Document

Saving a Document

Closing a Document

New Documents

Opening A Document

Hidden Characters

Checking Your Spelling

Selecting Text
Selecting A Single Word
Selecting an Entire Line. Paragraph or Document
Selecting Using Click and Drag

Copying Text

Moving Text


Inserting Text

Deleting Text

Page Breaks
Soft Page Breaks
Hard Page Breaks

Inserting the Date
The Different Date and Time Formats

Formatting Text - Bold, Italic, Underline
Bold Text
Italic Text
Underlined Text

Formatting Text - Alignment
Examples of Alignments
Left Aligned
Centre Aligned
Right Aligned

Formatting Text - Fonts
Examples of different font styles (all size 12)

Formatting Text - Size
Examples of Arial font in different sizes