Windows 98 Module 2
Finding Files

The Name & Location Tab
Searching By Name

The Date Modified Tab
Combining Searches.

The Advanced Tab

Moving Around Windows 98
Switching Tasks
Copying And Moving Files Using A Shortcut Menu
Copying Files Using Send To
Copying A File On To The Start Menu.

Managing The Recycle Bin
Restoring Files
Deleting A File
Deleting All Files

Setting up Your Computer to Suit Your Needs

Creating Shortcuts
Changing the Shortcut Name
Changing The Shortcut Icon
Deleting Shortcuts

Changing the Start Menu and the Program Menu Items
Adding an Item to the Menu
Changing the Name of a Menu Item
Removing an Item from the Menu

Running a Program When the Computer First Starts Up

Adding Toolbars To Your Taskbar
Preset Toolbars
Your Toolbars

Customising Folders
Removing Customisation

Windows 98 And The Internet
Forward And Back Toolbar Buttons. The Address Bar
Finding Files On The Internet
Other Explorer Bars

Changing Your Computer Settings

Changing the Language on Your Computer

Changing the Time Display on the Taskbar

Setting the Date and Time

Changing Your Keyboard Settings

Changing Your Mouse Settings

Changing the Way Your Desktop Looks
Wallpaper and Patterns
Screen Saver
Individual Items
Web Settings

Setting Up Logins and Passwords

Getting Help
Pop Up Help
The Help Topics Dialog Box
The Contents Tab
The Index Tab
The Find Tab The Search Tab